A Mug of Your Favourite Hot Beverage

Hello out there, how are you today? Are you looking forward when the UK (or the country you live in) eases the lockdowns? I hope you can enjoy whatever that means for you. Have you tried the new layout for blogger blog post writing? I have on Tuesday, but I am not impressed. I could no upload any photos. So I changed the design of the blog until I figured out that I could go back o the standard blogging layout. Catastrophe averted :-) .

Let's see some photos then ;-)

I have a bit of a mug obsession. It drives my husband mad but I just can't help myself especially if there is a poppy or a bee on it :-)

my poppy mug replacement after my other broke

my first every poppy mug

when I needed a bigger mug :-)

the husband and my current mug. No, we don't use just one. We have two...

Happy Thursday everybody despite everything!


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