Happy Monday to you all!

Do you like Mondays? Has your preference changed since Covid-19 entered our lives?

I don't mind Monday's. Probably, because I never worked a 9-5 job and was born on a Monday. Often, I had Mondays off because I had to work at the weekends. For me, Monday became the new Saturday ;-)

Today I want to share with you a couple of photos I used as titles for blog posts, which I created with Buffer's Pablo. You can create engaging social media pictures with it. Most of the blog posts do not exist anymore; otherwise, I would link to them. Sorry

There are some of those posts still available. Please visit here on "The Bee Writes..."

Some of these posts too: Poem on Friday on "The Bee Writes..."

Oh, there are actually quite a lot still there: The Bee Talks With... on The Bee Writes

Do you have any experience with photo editing apps? I love to hear from you and learn from your experience.

Happy Monday to you all despite everything!


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