Is Friday Still on your Mind? ~ Photos of the Day

Howdy, how are you feeling? I hope you are coping well with your changed life and if not know: " I believe in you! You can manage anything you set your mind to.

My husband and I get increasingly frustrated with British TV. To us, it feels like they are brainwashing us into believing that staying home is such a difficult thing. But you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe. You do not have to out to work. Imagine how it feels to keyworkers who risk their lives daily going to work hearing continuously how bad it is to stay home. I bet many of them would love to have the chance.

Is Friday on your mind because you still have to work? And how do you feel about the messages hat staying home is difficult?

My husband before he has to go out to work

There is nothing you can't bear with a cup of tea ;-)

Our dog doesn't mind me being home :-)

Happy Friday despite everything. Stay home, stay safe and keep up the good mood! :-)

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