Please Have a Peek at Switzerland

Hello out there, how are your rolling? Or are you rocking? Whichever you do I hope all is well in your corner of the world. And if not, know you are in my prayers.

Today I take you away to Switzerland. I found some photos when scheduling my posts, and it made me hope that we'll be able to travel again.

This is the orchard at the B&B we were staying. 

The B&B belonged to a farm which still used the traditional cowbells.

The Swiss mountains seen from close to Giebswil in Switzerland

This street is called "Uf Rueti" and lead down from our B&B to the next village.

Many Swiss farmhouses have beautiful Geraniums on their windowsills.

This is the nearly 200-year old farmhouse. It housed three generations of Muedespacher + holiday. guests

These are statues at the Zoo in Rapperswil. More about it tomorrow.

The view from Rapperswil castle over Lake Zurich

Happy Tuesday despite everything!!!!


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